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About Infinite Corporation

History, Outlook and Our Team

Infinite Corporation is a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. We have the expertise and knowledge to drive business improvement through an in-depth understanding of branding, marketing and media relations. This means you get a company that looks at the whole picture and ensures you’re fully covered. Our team has grown to include a rich mix of marketing professionals, graphic designers, software programmers and digital media specialists, recruited to give Infinite a distinct blend of highly individual talents. Furthermore, we can boast an unrivalled list of media contacts and connections from coast to coast.

Our primary aim at Infinite Corporation is to build a highway between two key business streams, Marketing and Information Technology. Started in 2009 by two young entrepreneurs, Infinite Corporation has grown to be a leading partner with businesses in Toronto. Infinite strives at heart in providing turn-key solutions to our clients with around the clock support in building their business. Coupled with our creative, innovative team, we deliver unique results with unique solutions. Whether it be your business website, or a comprehensive digital signage network, we have always exceeded the bar. Join over 200 clients in Toronto, who have chosen Infinite Corporation to move to the next level.

Our Office

Mission Statement

Infinite Corporation’s mission is to provide exceptional design and marketing techniques while providing our clients with innovation through technology.

Our mission is to deliver results with every initiative made with our team. We want to Design, Innovate and Commit to each and every one of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our years of marketing experince, backed by our portfolio
  • Our marketing strategies are designed for maximum results
  • Diverse team of concept artists and market analysts
  • Innovative technology built in-house, unique to Infinite

Our Executive Team

The team that made Infinite a truely limitless company.

Ryan Nesharatnam

Co-Founder - Design

Ryan focuses his time on business development and leading the sales and marketing team at Infinite Corporation. He also heads up research and development and creation of new digital marketing products. Ryan volunteers a lot of his free time to mentor young entrepreneurs with a vision of owning a successful business.

Renujan Rajagopalar

Co-Founder - Operations

A graduate of Ryerson University's School of Engineering, Renujan co-founded Infinite Corporation in 2009, leading the Operations, HR and Finance departments to success. Renujan believes in helping people: whether that’s helping employees achieve their goals, helping clients understand the Internet, or volunteering.

Sanjay Varen

Marketing & Sales

Sanjay joined Infinite Corporation in 2011. He leads a team of project managers, and uses his expertise in Sales and Marketing to manage initiatives for clients such as Thaioneon and York Cinemas. In his spare time, Sanjay loves bowling, rock climbing, volleyball and basketball.

Stephen Jeevaratnam

Chief Computer Programmer

Stephen joined Infinite Coporation in 2011. Leading the Software division at Infinite, Stephen has discovered new strategies and implementation methods in the digital signage realm, unique only to Infinite. In his spare time, Steve teaches programming at the York University mentorship program.

Infinite Knows How To Get You Results.

Take a look at any one of our client portfolios. "You'll understand why."

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